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The Reflection Pool

The Reflection Pool is a podcast operated and produced under the The Vernal Pool. The Reflection Pool aims to highlight and promote published authors and artists, and gain a greater understanding of their work as a whole. If you have been published in The Vernal Pool and would like to be interviewed, you’re welcome to email us directly and set up an interview; otherwise, stay tuned for our content, and enjoy what has been published and uploaded already. The Reflection Pool is currently available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. 

The Spring 2023 edition of The Reflection Pool is hosted by Memphis Despain. Feel free to click and listen to any of the episodes and gain better insight on what it means to be published in the journal. Happy Streaming! 

Interview with Matthew Alvarez

The Reflection Pool is the podcast for UC Merced’s Creative Arts Journal, The Vernal Pool. In this episode, host Alex Guzman interviews Matthew Alvarez. The two of them discuss Matthew’s variety of pieces ranging from nonfiction to visual arts, as well as where Matthew plans to take his writing next!