• Submissions are open year-round, and you may submit as many pieces as desired.
    • Submissions from approximately November to March are considered for spring publication, while submissions from approximately April to October are considered for the fall publication.
  • Submissions in any language are encouraged but must be presented bilingually with English being one of the languages.
  • Submissions should be in a 12 point standard font, like Times New Roman or Arial.
    • Unless the formatting of a piece is essential to the work (as in visual poetry), submissions should be in 1.5 spacing. Special formatting for visual poems and similar genres will be respected and kept for final publication.
  • When submitting, you will be asked to mark your piece with a genre in the “Journal Section” portion – please only use one of the following: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, or visual art.
  • Please make sure to check your email regularly after submission for communication from our team!


  • Individual submissions should be in a single file, and should not exceed approximately 2500 words.
    • Please submit poems in individual files, unless they are part of a thematic collection. Then you may submit the collection of poems as one file. Please note that poems in the same file will be considered as a whole, with either all or none of them being accepted.
  • Please submit written pieces as either a .pdf or a .docx.


  • Visual art is accepted and welcomed – please submit pieces as either a .png or .jpeg (whichever of those two the original file is in).
    • Please submit pieces individually, and not in a .pdf or .docx collection.