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Windy, Rainy People

By: Tim Ka

Am I supporting something I shouldn’t?
They say that right is right and wrong is wrong, But what do they know?
Just like history, weather rapidly affects people over time…

I have had it
I never grasp it though I am sorry
I don’t know who or what to apologize to

You are not me
“You are not yourself” is a statement worthless when uttered
You are the wind to your surroundings, more than actual gusty winds will ever be You rain down and soak up the ground faster than any natural disaster

He did it
No, she did it
The lesson to learn here is to find a loophole Why so serious? Loosen up.

Loosen up when you feel like you are good
Good with where life is heading; stable and thriving It is all good.

Time to lay back and enjoy the rest of my life.

Time to feel the wind and rain, not be the wind or rain. Time to tune it down and not wake up every single day.
Time to live my life like a constant variable in an experiment.

Wait a minute…

You ain’t got nothing on me
I am the wind and rain controlling you. You should support me instead.
I am more than you can ever be. You are lies;
I am innocence.

People! Listen up, I got them sunken, lined up, and hooked onto my every move and word.

But looking behind the scenes, I wish to feel the wind and rain daily. Let the winds of change flow freely,
Along with the raindrops of happy moments.

I want myself more than anyone else.
Order! Order! Order in the life of mine…