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By: Laura-Alexis Linares


Yesterday will fly into today,
And those days can become one.
Because if you’re awake long enough, you can
Watch the moon make way for the sun.

As the rain slows down somewhere,
The early birds will say hello
And the oceans still wash over themselves
Just like they did a million years ago.

I developed in the womb of Earth’s history.
I had yet to make my tenth grand appearance.
Since I was born I slept on the lap of distance-
But I love you again. The whole world can hear it.

But yesterday I climbed into today rather quickly,
With my eyes closed, no time to stay awake long enough at all.
And I tumbled all the way back down, broken smile first,
And next my heart, that broke with the distance of the fall. 

I forget everything I developed since my birth,
Like my strength and my value, my new heart now powdered through the air.
I awake in the lap of distance, placing me on the other side of Earth.
I fend for myself and there is open space everywhere.

I cry in a blanket of sand by the sea
And I get up for rebirth, to grow wiser and stronger.
Distance and time will teach a patient heart anything,
And the oceans know time; many rebirths they’ve honored.

But through millenniums, the ocean built, now developed to be the strongest.
I’m not as strong unless time allows one more rebirth, or ten-
So I let the Earth envelop me, fixing me in its womb of history,
And I’m born to watch the moon make way for the sun once again.