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No Words Deserved

By: Juan Guzman


Fringes of line-striped paper  

dangled off the tips of my ears. 

Ink blots raged on the insides of palms  

from the sweat that was smeared.

Red colored dye swam through  

a pool of white paste in my eye. 

Papers shuffled through the room 

a gust of wind could not be denied.


Months that would count nine  

were spent in search of reason. 

Number ten had arrived  

accompanied by your treason.


Confronted by the blinded truth; 

Lustful hands had given me proof 

Of another’s eyes who had studied 

The shapes that were deemed to be aloof.


Wasteful nights defined by  

painting you golden; 

It’s impossible to create a masterpiece  

out of a lifeless black-swollen …


Poems, stories and allegories; 

Inspired by the loss of someone  

who I thought was true. 

A fake, a snake and a facade; 

You were the knife  

that was able to cut through.


Deceived by gestures – 

defeated and unnerved. 

Rummaging through  

a wasteland of words  

that you never deserved.