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Another Sleepless Night

By: Noemy Campos


Go away, go away


I cry again and again


Turning on my side looking into the night

The city lights hitting my eye daunting

me Another sleepless night


Worries here, worries there

Thoughts looping over one another

Last I checked the clock it was 11,

It’s now 3:27 and I’m awake more than ever

Another sleepless night


I’m tired, very tired


Don’t make me go through this again

I can’t focus anymore

Grades are dropping


Another sleepless night


I am helpless, I am helpless


The old tricks aren’t working anymore

Music, hot milk, showers, melatonin

Nothing makes me sleep

I’ve become immune


It’s out of control


Dark circles are deepening

I’m seeing things in my


Shadow men, illusions from my exhausted brain

Another sleepless night


Go to sleep, go to sleep

Shut your eyes and dream

Let your worries leave


But how can I?


If it’s my worries that won’t let me sleep?