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Shining Broken Light

The shining of reflected light

Caught my attention– something valuable,

A diamond perhaps– With a clearer view,

Though, it’s only a piece of broken glass

Broken glass

With hints of sand

And a distinct clearness

Broken pieces,like our journey

I cried day and night,

Gave blood, sweat, tears

You showed me

How to perfect my dribbling technique

To always keep my head up

To run like the water down Niagara falls

Maintaining fluidity, to swivel

My head

For open spaces

And keep composure

in one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper

Almost imitating Messi’s movements

And Lewandowski’s clinical finishing


Our journey is no different

Than pieces of broken glass

Scattered throughout the beach sand

The imperfections

Almost resembling a clear puzzle


And maybe it really is a clear puzzle

Pieces that may seem to fit

But lead to a dead end

Thinking I did something right

Only for it to backfire moments later

Like when I believed

I had our tactics set

Instructions clear

Opposition formation understood

Player capabilities studied

Fitness in good levels

Cleats in mint condition

Confidence to maximum levels

The same way Barcelona believed they could beat Liverpool

But we missed it by an edge

A sharp edge that cuts through skin

The same way it cut through our dream

Barcelona’s dream

Everything we worked for

Gone like the original shape

The pieces of glass used to be.


There has to be

Infinite amounts of broken glass

created by people of all walks of life

People who believed

They were on the correct path

Had a clear process for their vision

So I left the glass, where I saw it

Between the grains of sand

For people to see

something that used to be perfect

Something built for a purpose

Now shattered

Ready to be pieced together again.

Just like their journey


Jesus Nevarez

Poetry Author

Jesus Nevarez is a first-generation college student from Los Angeles going into the third year at UC Merced. Jesus is majoring in political science with minors in writing and Spanish and is looking for a career in the government field as an FSO (Foreign Service Officer) at an American embassy abroad. Furthermore, Jesus enjoy creative writing and composing short stories as it allows a way to create an alternate reality and inspire readers through complex hidden meanings and themes.